Permanent deal flow provides interesting projects for senior ( executive ) project managers
within the Venture Select focused markets and technology sectors.


These projects and the Venture Select team of managing partners builds an exiting environment for
former executives in high tech businesses and development, to further materialize know how and find
as well a home for own projects.


The following qualification profile should be met in order to join Venture Select as a Senior Project Partner
and later on to become Managing Partner of Venture Select.

Senior Project Partners Profile

    • Excellent international executive track record in marketing and or development of high tech products or
      technologies within large global technology companies serving the VS focus market places (see focus market)

    • Experience in interdisciplinary knowledge management, project planning and complex project implementation experiences

    • Multicultural team management and coaching skills and experiences

    • Multi lingual communication skills ( English perfect, additional European or Asian languages are of advantage )

    • Please send your CV with the data privacy remarks and conditions to VS

In case you are interested in positions of analysts or assistant please contact as well